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Working with arrays

Here follow the commands operating on arrays:

CONGRID                    Resample image to any dimensions.
DEFROI                      Define graphical region-of-interest.
DIGITAL_FILTER           Calculate coefficients of a non-recursive digital filter.
DILATE                      Morphologic dilation operator.
ERODE                       Morphologic erosion operator.
EXPAND                     Magnify an image.
EXTRAC                     Return subarray of input array. Note that array operators (e.g., * and :) should usually be used instead.
HILBERT                     Construct a Hilbert transform.
HIST_EQUAL                Histogram equalize an image.
HISTOGRAM                Compute density function of array.
INTERPOL                   Linear interpolation for vectors.
INTERPOLATE              Return an array of interpolates.
INVERT                      Compute inverse of a square array.
KRIG2D                      Interpolate points using kriging.
LABEL_REGION             Label regions (blobs) of a bi-level image.
LEEFILT                     Lee filter for images.
MAX                         Return the maximum element of an array.
MEDIAN                     Median function and filter.
MIN                          Return the minimum element of an array.
POLY_2D                    Polynomial image warping.
POLYWARP                 Determine coefficients for polynomial image warping.
RDPIX                        Interactively read and display image pixel values.
REBIN                        Resample array by integer multiples.
REFORM                     Change array dimensions without changing contents.
REVERSE                    Reverse vectors or arrays.
ROBERTS                    Roberts edge enhancement.
ROT                          Rotate array by any amount.
ROTATE                     Rotate array by multiples of 90 degrees and/or transpose.
SEARCH2D                  Find "objects" or regions of similar data within an image.
SEARCH3D                  Find "objects" or regions of similar data within a volume.
SHIFT                        Shift array elements.
SIZE                         Return array size and type information.
SMOOTH                    Smooth with a boxcar average.
SOBEL                       Sobel edge enhancement.
SORT                        Sort array contents and return vector of indices.
THIN                         Obtain the "skeleton" of a bi-level image.
TOTAL                       Sum array elements.
TRANSPOSE                Transpose array.
UNIQ                         Return subscripts of unique array elements.
WARP_TRI                  Warp an image using control points.
WHERE                      Return subscripts of non-zero array elements.
XVAREDIT                  Widget-based editor for arrays. 


IDL courses C. Morisset 2004 IA/UNAM V 2.2

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