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Graphics Keywords

The IDL Direct Graphics routines, CURSOR, ERASE, PLOTS, POLYFILL, TV (and TVSCL), TVCRS, TVRD, and XYOUTS, and the plotting procedures, AXIS, CONTOUR, PLOT, OPLOT, SHADE_SURF, and SURFACE, accept a number of common keywords. Therefore, instead of describing each keyword along with the description of each routine, there is a special
man page in the idlhelp, called by searching "graphics keywords". Here follows a brief
description of them:

BACKGROUND              Background color index when erasing.
CHANNEL                   Channel index or mask for multi-channel displays.
CHARSIZE                   Overall character size.
[XYZ]CHARSIZE             Character size for axes.
CHARTHICK                 Overall thickness for vector fonts.
CLIP                         Coordinates of clipping window.
COLOR                       Color index for data, text, line, or polygon fill.
DATA                        Set to plot in data coordinates.
DEVICE                      Set to plot in device coordinates.
FONT                        Text font index: -1 for vector, 0 for hardware fonts.
[XYZ]GRIDSTYLE            Index of linestyle to be used for tickmarks and grids.
LINESTYLE                  LInestyle used to connect data points.
[XYZ]MARGIN               Margin of plot window in character units.
[XYZ]MINOR                 number of minor tick marks.
NOCLIP                      Set to disable clipping of plot.
NODATA                    Set to plot only axes, titles, and annotation w/o data.
NOERASE                   Set to inhibit erasing before new plot.
NORMAL                    Set to plot in normal coordinates.
ORIENTATION              Angle (in degrees counter-clockwise) for text.
POSITION                   Position of plot window.
PSYM                        Use plotting symbols to plot data points.
[XYZ]RANGE                Axis range.
[XYZ]STYLE                 Axis type.
SUBTITLE                   String for subtitle.
SYMSIZE                    Size of PSYM plotting symbols.
T3D                          Set to use 3D transformation store in !P.T.
THICK                       Overall line thickness.
[XYZ]THICK                 Thickness of axis and tickmark lines.
[XYZ]TICKFORMAT         Allows advanced formatting of tick labels.
TICKLEN                     Length of tickmarks in normal coordinates. 1.0 produces a grid. Negative values extend outside window.
[XYZ]TICKLEN               Tickmark lengths for individual axes.
[XYZ]TICKNAME            String array of up to 30 labels for tickmark annotation.
[XYZ]TICKS                  Number of major tick intervals for axes.
[XYZ]TICKV                 Array of up to 30 elements for tick mark values.
[XYZ]TICK_GET             Variable in which to return values of tick marks.
TITLE                        String for plot title.
[XYZ]TITLE                  String for specified axis title.
ZVALUE                     The Z coordinate for a 2D plot in 3D space.
Z                             Z coordinate if Z argument not specified in 3D plot call. 


IDL courses C. Morisset 2004 IA/UNAM V 2.2

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